Performing Arts in Dublin

Full time course in performing arts

The full-time course is designed for students who want to study and have a career in the performing arts. Students will study the core subjects of acting, filmmaking, singing and dancing, but also take part in a wide variety of masterclasses in:

  • Music technology

  • Art therapy

  • Music thearpy

  • Lighting & sound

  • Costume design

  • Audition technique & practice

  • Directing

  • Stage management

  • Business classes

The course is spread over two years. After two years of completion students take their A level exams. The course is designed to prepare students for further studies in colleges in the UK and America. We put a strong emphasis on equipping students with as much skills and knowledge as possible to assist them in taking a career in the performing arts. We believe in students diversifying and gaining experience in as many areas as possible.

Days & Time:
Mondays – Thursdays: 11am – 4pm
Fridays: 11am – 1pm

10 weeks

Sean O’Casey Theatre,
St Mary’s Road, East Wall

Girls performing on stage
BMusic performing arts class on stage
2 young girls performing Aladan on stage
Young group of performing arts kids
Dancing class performing on stage
Group of B'Music performing arts class

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