Music School in Dublin

B’Music Singing Module

The Singing Module will cover following:

  • Stage image of the voice

  • Self esteem of own voice

  • Knowing your strong & weak points

  • Phonation, intonation, diction, tone/timbre, character of voice, applying different techniques to one song

  • Communication – choir & ensemble members

  • How to warm up effectively

  • Overcoming anxiety & stage fright

  • Vocal style variety

  • Development of sight-singing

  • Vocal theory & physiology

  • Self-awareness & self confidence

  • Interaction, working in an ensemble

  • Emotional colors of voice

  • Research into styles, genre, song & character

  • Rehearsal & practice

Young girl playing violin
Woman singing on microphone with pianist in background
Young girl with glasses singing on microphone
Young boy learning how to play the drums
Young boy learning how to play the guitar
Young girl singing on microphone


When you play a violin piece, you are a storyteller, and you're telling a story.

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Izabela Kurek from B'Music with violin
Izabela Kurek from B'Music with violin
Izabela Kurek from B'Music playing violin

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